AIX Records 3D Album Sampler


This is a collection of tunes taken from our catalog of 3D Blu-ray discs AND a comprehensive set of calibration tones to assist is setting up your system. It is compatible with 2D systems.

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In the summer of 2010, AIX Records recorded 7 new projects using prototype Panasonic 3D video cameras. Our new 3D Music Album™ Sampler and Calibration Disc is a collection of one tune from each of the projects that we recorded during those sessions plus a bonus 3D video segment featuring 17 minutes of footage from around Southern California over an AIX track of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto and an introductory 3D video segment from AIX Records founder and chief engineer Mark Waldrep. There are also a complete collection of HD-Audio test tones that can be used to tune up your system.

Featured artists on this disc are Grammy®-winning 70’s artist Rita Coolidge, platinum country artist Mark Chestnutt, jazz/classical crossover flutist James Walker and Free Flight, 2010 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition winner The Old City String Quartet, pianist extraordinaire Bryan Pezzone, Ex-Wings fingerstyle guitarist Laurence Juber and a trio consisting of Juber, Kevin Axt and M.B Gordy.

This disc was used by the Consumer Electronics Association during their 2010 “3D Demo Days” marketing campaign. It was shot using 3D cameras and is a compliant Blu-ray 3D™ but is completely compatible with both 2D HDTVs and audio playback equipment.

  1. Mark Chesnutt – It’s A Little Too Late
  2. Rita Coolidge, Play Something Sweet
  3. James Walker & Free Flight, Skeeball
  4. The Old City String Quartet, Mozart Quartet
  5. The AIX All Star Band, Goldberg Variations
  6. Laurence Juber, The White Pass Trail
  7. Bryan Pezzone, Berceuse
  8. Juber/Axt/Gordy, Into the 3rd Dimension