John Gorka – The Gypsy Life


John Gorka writes, plays and performs his own unique style of “new folk” music. His songs are clever, emotional, thoughtful, and funny.

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John Gorka is one of my favorite artists. His songs are memorable, meaningful and introspective. And his rich, natural baritone is completely captivating. His career spans over 30 years since his early days playing in college through his 10 albums for Red House Records and Windham Hill. He even had a number of country hits and some music videos on CMT. But I don’t think of his music as country — more folk. I’ve collected almost all of his recordings after being hooked by Land of the Bottom Line on a recommendation from my brother-in-law. But the sound of his CD recordings don’t do justice to the magic of his resonant voice and his sincere approach to songs. This HD-Audio/Video Blu-ray disc brings this artist and a few of his musician friends into your home theater to perform a private concert — just for you.

This award-winning AIX Records release was recently reviewed in the oldest audiophile publication in the UK and celebrated as the “Choice of the Month”. There is also a double disc DVD Collectors Edition version with more extensive bonus features for true John Gorka fans.

His bandmates include standout artists such as bass virtuoso Michael Manring, NPR featured artist Susan Werner and Amelia K. Spicer. John’s college friend and fellow musician Russ Rentler [who makes his living as a doctor] joins John on mandolin for this special occasion. This disc was shot using HD video equipment and is compatible with all blu-ray players. However, the HD-Audio, which is encoded in Dolby TrueHD cannot be played back on a Sony PS3. The legacy audio will play instead.

Audio Samples:

  1. Branching Out –
  2. I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair –
  3. Let Them In –
  4. Mean Streak –
  5. Flying Red Horse –
  6. Snow Don’t Fall –
  7. When She Kisses Me –
  8. Mercy Of The Wheels –
  9. I’m From New Jersey –
  10. Italian Girls –
  11. Writing In The Margins –
  12. Houses In The Fields –
  13. Love Is Our Cross To Bear –
  14. Land Of The Bottom Line –
  15. Always –
  16. Road Of Good Intentions –
  17. Blue Chalk –
  18. Lightning’s Blues –
  19. The Gypsy Life –