AIX Records – Ultra HD-Audio 2017

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This is our most recent and comprehensive sampler containing over 70 tracks from the AIX Records catalog. If you haven’t heard real high-resolution audio, surround mixes, and our incredible artists, this sampler is for you.


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The previous AIX Records Blu-ray sampler disc contained 40 tracks that included HD-Video, which meant that some of my favorite albums/tracks from the period prior to HD shoots were excluded. So the new 2017 edition of the sample removed that restriction and surveys the entire AIX Records catalog — all 85 high-resolution audio recording regardless of whether the video was shot in HD or not. I started the production process by making a list of my own personal favorites and those tracks that work in showing off the amazing fidelity that can be achieved using purist recording techniques AND high-resolution PCM encoding. I wanted to make sure that I balanced the number of vocal tracks vs. instrumental and classical tracks. And just recently, I added another section for electdro-acoustic tracks because of the new release by LA-based composer John Keane. His project “JMK” is an amazing blend of acoustic and electronic sounds mixed in 5.1 surround, stereo, and headphone surround (“binaural”).

Each track is presented in three user selectable mixes (5.1 “stage”, 5.1 “audience”, and 2.0 stereo). There is also accompanying video (both HD and SD) when available. Many of the classical selections were not video taped.

The sampler is broken into four separate sections: VOCAL, INSTRUMENTAL, CLASSICAL, and ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC.

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3 reviews for AIX Records – Ultra HD-Audio 2017

  1. aixrecords_pvjrhg

    “Had to write you a quick note just to say the quality of those recordings is the best I’ve ever heard. I only have a 2 channel stereo system but the sound is truly amazing. I just wish I had the room for a 5.1 setup. I’ve been reading your blog posts and now that I’ve listened to what you and the musicians can create together I’m a firm believer of what you are trying to accomplish with real HD audio. Thanks for providing the test tracks and I’ll encourage some friends who like listening to music to do the same. I’ll be shopping through the iTrax site soon.”


  2. aixrecords_pvjrhg

    “I am 61 years young and am still tickled to see peoples reaction when I play your music for them! Thank you Mark for producing the best music on the Planet.”

    Chris Gerhard

  3. Glen (verified owner)

    This is the way music should sound!!!!!! Piano , to my ears, has always come up short on recordings, but the tracks on this sampler were the closest I’ve heard to being in the room with the instrument. The surround channels are masterfully mixed and the vocals are the cleanest I have ever heard. I know there will be the “purists” out there that will only accept 2 track stereo as audiophile , “and the option is there to listen that way” but to me, 5.1 is the most accurate reproduction of music that I have experienced. Do yourself a favor and listen for yourself, Mark is a genius!

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