AIX Records Blu-Ray HD-Audio/Video Sampler IV


A sampler with 21 hi-res music tracks from the award-winning AIX Records catalog.


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A small audiophile label like AIX Records can’t attract or afford the kind of celebrity, A-list musical talent that the major labels can and so we produce a regular series of sampler discs so that our customers can hear the projects that we’re working on and the sound/tunes of the artists. This is a Blu-ray sampler that we produced in conjunction with Dolby Laboratores that showcases their amazing Dolby TrueHD® encoding system for multichannel lossless audio AND the HD-Video at full 1920 x 1080 resolution. The visual improvement over our standard definition DVD-Video discs is a major leap forward. Finally, for the first time we can deliver our award-winning audio AND HD-Video. No other label is producing recordings that include real HD-Audio combined with HD-Video.

There are 21 tracks on this disc. They are not presented in full length, but instead give you about 2-3 minutes of the track so that you can get a feel for the music and the production. This disc is, after all, a sampler. Check out the track listing and audio samples on the tab to the right.

The technology of recording in real surround HD-Audio coupled with the capability of the blu-ray format to deliver HD-Video brings the intimacy of the performance into your own personal listening space. Watch it with the video or simply sit back and revel in the music as it is passed between members of the group.

This disc was shot using HD video equipment and is compatible with all blu-ray players.

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