Paul Williams with special guest Willie Nelson, Melissa Manchester and Gonzo the Muppet


Paul Williams is one of the best songwriters of his generation having penned hits for the Carpenters and many others. He’s joined by Willie Nelson, Melissa Manchester, and Gonzo the Muppet on this amazing collection.

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This was the first Collectors Edition project that AIX Records has ever produced. It was one of the most fun to do and also presented some of the greatest pressure that we’ve encountered during one of our shoots. After all, it’s not every day that Willie Nelson and The Great Gonzo participate in our unique style of music-making. We had recorded 8 tracks with Paul and his band the week before complete with a string section. Now it was time to pull off duets with Willie and Gonzo. What a treat! Everything went smoothly thanks to the focus on the music and the magic that stems from everyone having fun. Dave Goelz [the associate for Gonzo] told he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The track that he did with Paul, “I’m Going to Go Back There Someday” is a masterpiece of songwriting and this rendition is one of my favorites.

The tune “Rainbow Connection” was sung by Paul and Willie Nelson. Another classic tune pulled from Paul’s songbook written for the Muppets and usually associated with Kermit the frog. These two artists made it their own with the gentle back and forth of each verse and chorus. We were fortunate to have Melissa Manchester perform two songs with Paul during another session.

The singers, the arrangements, the musicianship…everything came together in these sessions. When Paul first came to the studio to hear what we had captured, he turned around and told me, “now I know what you’ve been talking about”. As much as one tries to describe how incredible real HD-Audio in full surround sound can be, you won’t know until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

Fans of Paul will appreciate this definitive double disc set of songs, video interviews, song discussions, behind-the-scenes footage and an extensive photo gallery/bio. The first disc is a DualDisc with a CD-Audio side and DVD-Audio side. The second discs is a double sided DVD-Video disc with a linear “PBS” style show and another user-directed interactive side. The two-disc set includes the following bonus features:

  • Live performance video and songs
  • Extensive artist Interview accompanied with photos
  • Intros and discussion on the tunes
  • Lyrics
  • Jim Henson Tribute Vifeo
  • Complete Discography
  • Songwriting Video
  • Photo Gallery
  • Complete Tech Specs, Definitions, Test Tones
  • Deluxe packaging including lyrics and photo booklet

This is a must have for all aspiring songwriters by one of the best. The real HD-Audio in full surround bring this tremendous artist into your home theater for a private performance.

This disc was shot using SD video equipment for this DVD-Video title. NOTE: The DualDisc format may not be compatible with all DVD/CD drives since it is slightly thicker than a standard disc. The DualDisc is not recommended for slot drives players.

Audio Samples:

  1. Rainbow Connection –
  2. I’m Going to Go Back There Someday –
  3. I Won’t Last A Day Without You –
  4. Rainy Days and Mondays –
  5. It’s All Been Said Before –
  6. Love Dance –
  7. We’ve Only Just Begun –
  8. You’re Gone –
  9. Out In The Country –
  10. Old Fashioned Love Song –
  11. When You Said Hello –
  12. Crazy Loving You –