The Adrian Petrescu Band – Romanian Folk Music


A collection of rousing Romanian “Wedding Band” tunes played by a seasoned group of musicians.

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In the summer of 2001, AIX Records Founder and Chief Engineer Mark Waldrep, Ph.D. traveled to Bucharest, Romania with nine road cases of state-of-the art, high-resolution audio equipment to record the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and chamber groups from its ranks. The intention was to capture first class performances of familiar classical repertoire using his unorthodox method of recording…that of using many stereo pairs of mics and high-resolution recording equipment. This DVD-Audio disc is among the releases from those recording sessions. The tracks were recorded live without an audience in the Atheneum in downtown Bucharest, Romania.

Adrian Petrescu is a member of the orchestra as its principal oboist…but he also moonlights in a sort of Romanian “folk / wedding” band where he is the leader. After we completed the recording of the Marcello Oboe Concerto, he approached me and asked it would be willing to listen to his band. I agreed and so at 3 am very early on morning, I auditioned his band and was blown away. Each performer was a master of their instrument from hammer dulcimer, to violins to trumpeter and taragot, a sort of soprano saxophone.

Adrian was born in Brasov, Romania, and studied with Anselm Honigberger, Pavel Tornea and Radu Chichu, graduating from the Iasi Music Academy and the Bucharest Music Academy. He has received national and international prizes in Prague (1981), Markneukichen (1982), Bucharest, Timisoara, and has performed as solo oboist in Romania, Italy, Spain, France, Britain, Ireland, Turkey, Grand Canaria and Germany.

He is at present principal oboist with the “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra in Bucharest and also a member of “Syrinx” winds Trio.

AIX Records’ premium DVD-Audio/Video have two sides. The first side in an interactive DVD-Video disc and the other side is a DVD-Audio disc [which requires a DVD-Audio capable machine to play it back].

The sound of this recording brings these incredible musicians into your listening space. The HD-Audio surround mixes immerse you in the musical interplay with full range frequency response and dynamics.

Audio Examples:

  1. Dance Of The Couples –
  2. Fancy Rhapsody –
  3. Harmony Suite –
  4. Just A Dream –
  5. Circle Dance From Moldovia –
  6. Taragot Solo –
  7. Lamentation –
  8. Like A Wedding –
  9. The Lark –