The AIX All Star Band – Pachelbel Acoustica


What happens when some of the most talented LA studio players improvise an hour long rendition of the Pachelbel Canon? This disc takes you on a magical musical journey through solos and recaps.

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Pachelbel Canon Acoustica is the second in AIX Records’ “acoustica” series and is performed by a tremendous group of studio musicians in Los Angeles. The concept for the piece is to derive a free flowing improvisational jam from the basic harmonic foundation of the original Baroque composition written by Johann Pachelbel in the early 18th century. There are sections of intense, pulsing rhythms that alternate with individual soloist sections. Every player explores their instrument during a series of expanding instrumental interplay.

Featuring these amazing musicians:

  • Carl Verheyen, electric guitar
  • Laurence Juber, acoustic/electric guitar
  • Jim Cox, piano & organ
  • Cliff Hugo, bass
  • John Ferraro, drums
  • Alberto Lopez, percussion

The technology of recording in real-surround HD-Audio coupled with the capability of the blu-ray format to deliver HD-Video brings the intimacy of the performance into your own personal listening space. Watch it with the video or simply sit back and revel in the music as it is passed between members of the group.

The concept is to present the “electronica” aesthetic but using real musicians. The piece is laid out and then performed without a rehearsal and in a single pass. There is no overdubbing or going back to “fix” anything. This results in a completely new musicial expression.

This disc was shot using HD video equipment and is compatible with all blu-ray players.

Audio Samples:

  1. Phosphoros –
  2. Gaia –
  3. Kronos –
  4. Stilbon –
  5. Areos –
  6. Helios –
  7. Metis –
  8. Uranus –
  9. Canonus –